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Spek Services is a valued Word & Brown partner, offering the personal touch you deserve.

This site is a resource for you. Just pardon the construction "dust" as we continue to expand this site, and keep it as user friendly as a Private Exchange can be..

3 TIPS for ALL:
 - Accident Expense & Critical Illness plans will help you with Health Exchange Plan costs, by providing cash for the higher annual out-of-pocket costs in those medical emergency situations.

These are also a great option for people NOT on Medicare Medigap Plan F or G,
as most of the other Medicare plans do not cover the majority of the medical costs,
OR for those who want / need extra cash for in-home care or services in a medical crisis.

 - For Medicare Plan NEED TO KNOW information before you purchase, go to the About Us page in the Medicare section.

 - For an ALTERNATE OPTION to Health Exchange Plan costs and the raised out of pocket for 2014, consider:
 United Healthcare's CoPay, or HSA 100 plans,
 Assurant's CoreMed and OneDeductible plans,
if purchased in 2013, these plans will remain in effect to December 2014.
Other plans that elect to offer the same "lock in" will be posted as they are confirmed.

You can use this web site to learn rate and policy details of the most common Insurance Providers, as well as purchase a plan. Spek Services has access to many other Insurance Providers, so please feel free to contact us.

We strive for the highest level of client support. Our goal is to guide you to the best coverage for You, for both current and future needs. Life happens, ... but loss of finances is not mandatory.

We want to remove frustration from Insurance Shopping, as we guide you to putting practical, workable insurance coverage in place, quickly and easily, for a long term Personal Protection Package.

Licensed to assist with the Affordable Care Act Health Exchanges,  we can look at all options in the design of your Personal Protection Package, to protect you from the diverse financial risks health issues can bring.

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