Company Profile: Spek Services

You are not alone in Insurance Shopping. We are here to help you, and we strive for the highest level of client support. Our goal is to guide you to the best coverage for You, not just in the moment, but for your future needs as well. 

We want to remove any frustration, to put practical, workable insurance coverage in place for you.
To do that, we bring a lot of practical experience to the process, including:
° as an active major medical services patient,
° over a decade of Insurance training and skills,
° several decades of healthcare and provider interactions,
° skill at developing a comprehensive Personal Protection Package, and
° Licensed to assist on Health Reform Exchanges

Because of our personal experience, we know the value of a complete coverage package, what we call the Personal Protection PackageWe, at no extra cost, help you design your Personal Protection Package, to protect you and your family from financial risks. A package can include:
° Health, Dental, Vision Insurances,
° Critical Illness and Accident coverage for drastic health issues that impact
    the family & budgets,
° Disability Incomes to replace lost paychecks,
° Life Insurances to support lifestyle after a loss,
° Senior needs including Medicare coverage, medical cash benefit Insurance
    and Long Term Care Insurance,
° Filial Law enforcement prevention, which protects your heirs and family.

We know Life happens.....but losing financially because of health or accident issues is not an option to Spek Services.

Health Reform
Health Reform has arrived. Also called the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, many people have lots of questions about what is best for them.
As Approved Exchange Support, we can help you look at On and Off Exchange options and total costs, so you can make sound coverage choices.

Exchange Tips:
For Exchange shopping, shop and compare plans carefully. There are several details that need to be kept in mind to select the best option for you.
Insurance providers announced rate increases for 2014.
   None announced 2014 rate decreases,
- if you have a 2013 health plan, you can switch to 2014 Exchange plans;
   you can't switch from 2014 Exchange plan back to the 2013 rates,
   since 2014 rates would be in effect
Total cost = Premium + Deductible + Cost Sharing/Co-pay + Out of Network cost
- The basic out of pocket amount on Exchanges are:
   $  6,350 for an individual,
   $ 12,700 for a family or couple,
   with Bronze plans base deductible at over $ 4,000 each.
Networks have been adjusted for Exchange plans,
  the Doctors / Hospitals you like may no longer be in network,
  check carefully, since going out of network adds out of pocket costs.

Support with Insurance Shopping is a phone call or email away, so contact us for timely support.

Spek Services is a valued Word & Brown partner, offering you the personal touch you deserve.

We are an Exchanged Approved Broker,
Maryland Exchange Broker ID 9000034351

Federal Exchange ID 8053634